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Expense Approval APP

No more hunting for receipts at the end of the month! Travelling, no problem - it caters for Multi-Currency. Capture the info as it happens. Take a picture of your receipt with your mobile device or scan and upload it from your computer. The information is immediately available online for your Accounts Department to access and export to Excel. Month end just became that much easier!

Digital Rental Contract Form

Still using a manual carbonized book to record your hire contracts purely because your accounting system doesn't cater for it? STOP! We know third party integrations are just too expensive which is why we've developed this Digital Contract Form which can connect to and upload information from your SQL Database.  What's even better is we can build trigger notifications into the form to email relevant staff at certain points, such as intended hire period is coming to a close. Contact client to arrange collection or to extend the contract.

Auto Save Attachments

This solution takes email attachments sent to a specific email address and based on a set of rules will automatically create a new folder in your secure online location. All attachments received will be saved into the folder automatically allowing your team access to the documentation at any given time.

Engine Checking APP

No more arguments! Finally, Quality Control you can prove! This app will record the date and time, Quality Control Person, Engine Serial Number and whatever other information necessary. Using your mobile device, it can take pictures or videos which will be uploaded and can be referred back to at any time. Email trigger notifications can also be set up to email the QC Manager and any anyone else required, including the customer if need be.

Site Inspection APP

Having to do site inspections using a paper-based process could be time consuming, delay the entire business process as well as rely on people's handwriting.
Our site inspection app, allows you to load your sites that you are responsible for checking.
Provide a web-based link for your managers or responsible users to complete the checks on their mobile devices. Text input, images and other fields are available for insert.
Based on certain events automated emails and notifications are sent internally, as well as to the clients, with images embedded on the report. Owners have access to the data online and can view the transactions from a central browser.
Speed, and quality control have never been better!

Job Card APP

For vehicle book in and Job card allocation. When a vehicle arrives at your business, checking it in, taking the necessary pictures showing its condition on arrival, and allocating the Job to a responsible person, becomes a breeze.
With this app, you capture the vehicle information and assign the task to a user. Triggered Email Notifications go out to the relevant internal staff, as well as the client.
As the business owner or manager, you can view all the open and active jobs from a central location, as well as see all notes on the ongoing jobs!

Online Ordering (Take Away)

Do you need an online ordering solution for your Take-Away Restaurant whether you have a website or not? We have the perfect solution. A digital ordering form that can be provided on your Facebook Page, shared with your customers on WhatsApp and can even be embedded on your website to compliment your website's design. Your customer places their order with the available selections and special requirements as per your menu. Once the order is submitted, a sms is sent to your mobile device and a signal sent to your GSM printer in your kitchen which sounds an alarm notifying the kitchen staff that there's a new order. It's as easy as Pie!

Satisfaction Survey

So, you're looking for a way to find out what your customers think about your products and / or services, well look no further. We have designed a Satisfaction Survey in the form of an Online Questionnaire that will be customised to questions / ratings relevant to your business. The survey link can be included in your email signature, sent out on Whatsapp, provided on your Facebook Page or even be embedded in your website. Once the survey is completed, it can send notification emails to the relevant personnel based on a set of rules of your choice, i.e. QC Manager only to be emailed if overall rating 5 or under. It's the perfect solution to understand your Customers levels of satisfaction!

Fleet Checking APP

Have a fleet of vehicles you need to check, for your company or the management of a client’s fleet?

This solution is for you! Using the digital solution, you call up the vehicle, assigned to a site, client or location. Perform the necessary checks, insert the text fields or choice boxes-take a picture using your mobile device, highlighting the condition of the vehicle, or showing a part of the vehicle requiring attention (you could even make a Video, showing the concern or what action is required).
On submitting the check, the relevant person is notified of the vehicles condition, as well as what is needed to resolve. You now have a digital entry showing the vehicles condition as at a given date and time.
Customer’s or owners can access the entries online at any point, as well as extract all the information into excel.

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